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We'll find perfect peace
       Where joys never cease
Underneath a western sky
A place that's home
       To God alone
And let the rest
          of the world
               go by

(J. Keirn Brennan/Ernest R. Ball)

Desert Sunset

   Hoof 'n' Paw Haven is on a 5 acre ranch in the Antelope Valley-the heart of Southern California's high desert. Bordered on the south by the San Gabriel Mountains with their ski resorts and north by the Tehachapi range with their famous electricity generating "wind mill farms", the Antelope Valley is just 75 miles from Los Angeles International Airport, but lives it's life in another world. The area is home to the California Poppy Reserve. During a good spring, the poppies are so dense you can see only orange flowers carpeting the desert floor for miles in any direction. A giant celebration at the end of every summer-The Antelope Valley Fair and Alfalfa Festival-is a major attraction drawing celebrities like Bill Cosby, Clint Black, Ray Charles, and Crosby, Steels, and Nash while agricultural and artistic competitions dominate the exhibit halls. And twenty-five miles east of Palmdale sits Hoof 'n' Paw Haven. In an area of the Antelope Valley known for its craggy prominences bearing names like Piute Butte, Alpine Butte, Black Butte and Lovejoy Butte, Hoof 'n' Paw Haven is a quiet collection of buildings and arenas, dotted with mature fir, elm, and locust trees as well as young but thriving fruitless mulberries and a small orchard (our peaches and apricots bore fruit this year!). Owls hoot at night, hawks soar overhead, desert tortoises amble in the surrounding hills, and, within the borders of our rural retreat, live our Coton de Tulear dogs and registered International Sporthorses.

California Poppies in Spring Great Horned Owl

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