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About Me
   From as early as I can remember, I had a strong love for dogs. Never being allowed to have my own dog as a child, I walked and babysat all my neighbors' dogs. My friends and I tried every trick to get my parents to allow me to have my own dog, but the answer was always, "NO!". I was allowed a cat and tricked my mother into a raccoon, but to me they were just not the same as a dog. I was obsessed by dogs. At the opening of a new drugstore in town, I won a polariod camera and immediately set about the task of photographing every dog in Douglas, Alaska. I don't know if I managed to catch them all, but I still have that album of photos. While growing up, my mom always said that when I was on my own,I could have all the dogs I wanted.

   For some years, my traveling lifestyle didn't allow me to have any dogs. But once I moved to Madagascar, I met my first Coton de Tulear. The rest is history!

   The following information is reprinted from THE OFFICIAL COTON DE TULEAR BOOK , published in 1996 by Jay Russell, PhD and Laurie Spalding:
Coreen Savikko and one of her many Cotons   
    Coreen Savikko spent four years in Madagascar where she first met and aquired some of her beautiful breeding Cotons. She is shown here with E.T. Fonzie of Taylor. Coreen's program has produced nearly four dozen registered Coton de Tulear since 1991.
(By the way, the caption is mislabeled, that's actually Dakota of Savikko, E.T. Fonzy's son)


     Originally from Alaska, Coreen is an elementary teacher in southern California. She first learned about the Coton de Tulear breed when she arrived in Madagascar in 1987. She remained in Madagascar for four years, where she acquired her first Cotons in 1987 and began to breed them in 1988. She is thoroughly captivated by the Cotonsā playful personalities and has never bred another dog breed. Coreen returned to the United States with her Cotons in 1991. Coreenās breeding program, now with Cotons from both Malagasy and European bloodlines, is conducted from her home in Lancaster, California (which Cotons share with Coreenās two Missouri Fox Trotter horses). Savikko Cotons are now the third most numerous in the CTCA Registry. Coreen worries that, in the future, through careless breeding, the Coton de Tulear could lose its traditional healthy, loving, companion traits.

The Cotons of the CTCA
    Overall, the Cotons registered by the Coton de Tulear Club of America come from fifty breeders located in the United States(42%), France, Madagascar, Belgium, and Canada. Fully 85.6% of the CTCA registered Cotons have been born in the United States.

Breeder/Kennel  Country   Cotons*    Breeder/Kennel  Country   Cotons* 
Savikko USA 41   Sunnyside France 10
Andrambelo Madagascar 1   Sunset Cove Cotons USA 2
Adriansolo Madagascar 1   Dynasty South USA 1
Andriantavy Madagascar 1   Elevage de Duray Canada 1
Angels of Madagascar USA 6   Enchanted Cottage USA 1
Bar-Ken Cotons USA 1   Herrman Rene France 1
Billy Madagascar 2   Hoopper USA 6
Brista's Hofke Belgium 1   Hume USA 2
Burband Madagascar 1   Hyatt USA 1
Chantilly USA 2   L'Ecume des Mers Tropicales USA 6
Christine de Dutto France 1   L'Oasis des Cotonniers France 1
Clos D'Elphigny France 3   La Draille des Cailloux France 1
Cottonkist USA 1   La Ferme de Bannay France 1
Darcy's Pleasant Valley USA 1   La Fosse aux Renards France 1
Delien Belgium 1   La Fountaine USA 4
Demol Belgium 1   La Clerc France 1
Diabolo Swing France 1   Luippold USA 4
Domaine de la Cotonnerie Canada 1   Nicolessi Madagascar 1
Dry Creek Cotons USA 11   Oakshade Kennel USA 235
Petit Bois Landry France 1   Tara USA 6
Plattekill Kennel USA 68   Taylor Madagascar 1
Rasoamihanta Madagascar 2   The Valaury's Cottage France 5
Razafindrakoto Madagascar 1   Tuckley USA 2
Rosewell USA 2   Vernier Madagascar 1
Alika Cotons USA 17   Woodland Cottage Belgium 6
* This information from 'The Official Coton de Tulear Book', current to 4/7/96.

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